The group's work summary for the first half of 2020

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On the morning of August 3, 2020, the summary of the group's work for the first half of the year and the second half of the year will be held grandly in the conference room on the fourth floor of the Group.More than 150 members of the general manager group, the chief and vice ministers (directors) of the company, the managers, secretaries, deputy managers of operation, deputy managers of production, chief engineers and the person in charge of cost attended the meeting.The meeting by the group chief economist Li Huajun presided over.

Meeting run by group company, deputy general manager Zhao Jinbao first work report, mainly manages the work summary and analysis, from the first half of the present stage management outstanding problems and improvement, in the second half of the market management three aspects such as the focus and plan for group company in the first half of 2020 and the second half of the work is summarized and review and arrangement.Mr. Zhao pointed out that the group company's current business structure is not scientific, imperfect, lack of strategic layout and strategic partner support and other problems.In the second half of the year, it is suggested to strengthen the team building in the operation work, thoroughly implement the operation philosophy of the whole staff, expand and consolidate the key customer strategy, actively explore the domestic and foreign markets through EPC project general contract, create a new mode of cooperation between central enterprises and other improvement measures, and promote the sustainable and healthy development of the operation of the group company.

Group chief Financial Officer Yue Help gentlemen for the financial situation report.Yue mainly from the financial indicators, cost management, tax management and other aspects of the company's financial work in the first half of the year for a comprehensive summary.It is proposed that all units should strictly control the "three high" (high short-term borrowing, high financial cost and high project under construction), strengthen the management of cash use, continuously improve and standardize the integration of industry and finance, and strengthen the prevention and control of tax risks in the next step.Step by step, market operation as the core;Step by step, take the project profit as the target;Step by step to win, to win the pursuit of win-win, so as to promote the group's high-quality sustainable development.

Chang Chuanli, deputy general manager of the group company, made a technical progress report, mainly summarized the technical progress in the first half of 2020 and arranged the technical progress in the second half of the year.Subsequently, a lecture entitled "Development of Technology System Service Group" was held.It mainly explains the integration and development of the company's technical system in detail from the aspects of excellent construction method system, intellectual property and development direction, BIM application and display, etc.Based on the existing technology system of the group company, it is proposed to improve the technical management level of the group company, guarantee the quality and efficiency of engineering construction, and promote the high-quality development of the company by constantly learning and applying new technologies and new processes and strengthening the application of informatization means.

Li Miao, the head of human resources department of the company, made a report on human resources work. Li Summarized the human resources work of the company in the first half year of 2020 mainly from three aspects, such as personnel status, prominent problems and improvement measures, and explained the work arrangement of human resources in the second half year.

Company Party secretary, chairman, general manager Of Chen Baoguo to make a concluding speech.President Chen put forward the requirements from five aspects: one is to focus on the annual target, find the gap, find the problem, and try to catch up;The second is to formulate the company's 3-5 year development plan;Third, the group company and branch to do a good job in the two levels of functional construction;Fourth, attach great importance to the construction of talent team;Fifth, we will work hard to prevent and control risks in enterprises.

Efforts will change the results, strive to achieve the dream!At the end of his speech, President Chen raised expectations for all of us and hoped that we could work together to fully achieve this year's work goals in the last five months.

At the end of the meeting, Li Huajun, chief economist of the Group company, put forward three requirements for participants: First, all units are requested to convey the spirit of the meeting carefully and make positive actions in the third and fourth quarters.Second, the upper and lower linkage, joint enterprise 3-5 years of strategic development planning;Third, in the second half of the year, all units, departments against the work objectives, carefully comb, check the deficiencies, improve the deficiencies, sprint the main goals, and strive to fully achieve or exceed the annual target.

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